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tv   Joint Task Force Holds News Conference on 2017 Inauguration  CSPAN  December 18, 2016 12:51pm-1:31pm EST

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work with trade, and we are losing, or we have a deficit of over almost $800 billion a year. it is a most like what are we doing? people who negotiate you still? there are some of snow country we do well with. we have bad deals in every country. that is going to change fast. is that right? our country has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta. one third. when i first saw this, and i can say it because this is the last time i will be speaking at a rally for maybe a while, you know? they say as president, he should not be doing rallies, but i think we should, right? [applause] we have done everything else the opposite. this is the way that you get an honest word out. because you can i give it to them because they are so dishonest. [applause]
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they had a clown today. who said i wanted to have another world trade center catastrophe because it's good for my base. can you believe that? think of it? what kind of a demented person would say that? think of it, thousands of people killed. they said i wanted to have another catastrophe like that because it is good for my base. anybody who said that, and this guy is a demented person, and that is why the "times" is failing. i went up to see him three weeks ago. i give it a shot. i had a great meeting, everybody said i did great, evident was -- everything was great. but they will never change. they will never change, jeff, no matter what you do. that is ok. we did very well without them. but what kind of a demented
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person would say that? when i saw this and the statistics, i said it must be a typo. it's impossible. we have lost 70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. think about that. i said 700, he says 7000 maybe. but the number is 70,000 factories. many of them right from alabama. and you know it. inis the greatest jobs test the history of the world -- it is the greatest of theft in the history of the world. eft it,are going to unth folks. we are going to bring it right back. we are not going to be taking advantage of it anymore by all of these foreign countries. we are going to have a very new policy for a long time. it hasn't been this way. it is called "america first." first." "america
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if a company is to fire their workers, leave the great state of alabama or another state for another country, and shift their new product right back into our country through a very strong border, by the way. there will be consequences. right now, they can do that, make the product, bring it in for nothing. you saw what he did with carrier air conditioner. uy carrier. we have thousands of people if you look at it from a family standpoint. they will have a great christmas in indiana. we have many of the things happening. many, many, many. because if they want to do that, we are going to pose a 35% tax on those products coming into our country. and you know what? they are not going to move. why didn't your politicians do this 15 years ago? because either they are not smart, or they always talk about free trade. i wanted fair trade.
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i love free trade. but i want fair trade. if they don't do, then we don't do. but it is now 35% tax for a company. so in all of these companies that think they will get rich by firing thousands and thousands of workers in our country? i hope they get rich. but do you know what? we are going to get rich as well. we are want to impose a very large tax on those companies and we're want to write up that legislation very soon. and when they leave, there are going to be consequences. and you know what? they are not going to leave. their model no longer works. the politicians that taken care of by campaign contributions or something else. if something -- if it is something else, jeff sessions will catch them. he will. he will catch them. i would not want to be them. but their politicians got taken care of by campaign
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contributions because it is incredible that we lost so much. but to be a rich nation and we are going to be a rich nation again, we also have to be a safe nation. the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in our country in 45 years. think of it, the murder rate. more people are being murdered that in 45 years. in the press never tells you that. do they ever write that? no. we're going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. [applause] bring thisgoing to terrible crime wave to a very rapid end. one of the greatest public safety threats remains open borders. ideally say, there goes your business, there goes your country. you know, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, george
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washington -- they all believed in strong borders. we don't. we fight for countries that most of you have never even heard of before. so they have borders. yet, we don't protect our own borders. but i have a message for the drug dealers, the gang members, and the criminal cartels that are terrorizing all of our citizens in cities, and different places, throughout the united states. , your dayssage is are numbered. we are getting you out. we are getting you out. [applause] we will build a great wall, and we will stop illegal immigration for good. and we will have doors and a wall. and people will come in to that wall, and they will come through that wall by the tens of thousands. but they are coming in legally. [applause] they're coming in legally.
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drugs fromstop the pouring into our country. and totally poisoning everyone. what the drugs are doing to our youth, and you have a big problem here, but every state has a big problem. our use and more than our youth, but you see it with our youth, and it is astronomical numbers like never before. we will also work to keep our country safe from terrorism. we have seen islamic terror attacks from paris to belgium orlando to san bernardino to the world trade center. think of that. one attack after another after another. so, let me state this as clearly as it can be stated. i am going to keep radical hellamic terrorists the
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out of our country. [applause] we have no choice. that includes suspending immigration from regions where regionst safely -- where it cannot be safely processed. nd i use the termv "extreme vetting." is that ok? extreme. for safety and security of the -- the safety and security of the american people will always come first in the trump administration. ethics reform will be a crucial part of the plan is love. i believe we will drain the swamp of corruption in washington. -- swamp of corruption in washington d.c. and stop , government officials from trading favors at your expense. we face many, many challenges. the world is a mess. our country is in trouble. we face many, many challenges. michelle obama said yesterday,
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that there is no hope. ] ooing but i assume she was talking about the past, not the future, because i am telling you, we have tremendous help. and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. successfulg to be so as a country again. we are going to be amazing. and actually think she meant that statement, not meaning it the way it came out. i really do. i met with president obama and michelle obama in the white house, i wife was there, and she could not be nicer. i honestly believe she meant that statement and a different way that came out. because i believe that there is tremendous help, and beyond hope, we have such potential. this country has such potential. you watch.
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it's going to be so special. going to happen like you haven't seen happen in many, many decades. [applause] this is truly an exciting time to be alive. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long time, but we do know is that the each will be authored by and every one of you. [applause] it's a movement. don't forget, they did not know you existed until election day. then they said where the hell did all those people come from? where did they come from? they came in by the millions and millions and millions. they set records in many areas. they set records here. we set a record here in alabama.
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they said where did those people come from? and now they will work really hard over the next four years. but if we want to go to another four years, i think we are going to make it. do you agree? i think you next four years will be a lot easier if you want to know the truth. we are going to do a great job. you, the american people will now again, be in charge. your voice, your desires, your hopes. your aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears. never again. the forgotten men and women of this country, and they were forgotten. by the way, you are not forgotten any longer. [applause] you will never be forgotten again. together, we will raise income and bring back our jobs. we will repeal the disaster known as "obamacare," and create new health care reforms that work for you and for your family.
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we will reestablish the rule of law. defend the second amendment, very important. [applause] and protect religious liberty. [applause] justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] we will heal our divisions and unify our very, very divided country. when americans are unified, there is nothing we cannot do. no task is too great. no dream too large. no goal beyond our reach. nothing. nothing. there is nothing like us. there is nothing and nobody like us. our message today is or all
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americans, from all parties, races, walks of life. but you are african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, we are all american and we are all united by one shared destiny. [applause] so, i'm asking everyone to join this incredible movement. here is my request for all of .ou -- never give up you can't give up. i should have given up in this campaign five times. i should have given up according to them, 10 times. i could take you over 10 different things that happened. where people would have given up. but i never give up. never gave up. i should've given up, but i never gave up, right? [applause] never, ever give up. never stop believing.
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and never, ever stop dreaming. and if you do that, then altogether, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, thank you, alabama! god bless you. merry christmas. merry christmas, every body. god bless you. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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[ "you can't always get what you want" by the rolling stones. ♪ you can't always get what you
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want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want sometimes try you might find you get what you need oh yeah and i wish through this demonstration to get my fair share of abuse
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getting it out of frustration can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want ♪ members of the electoral college will meet in their respective dates info for president and vice president. we will have coverage from springfield, illinois, harrisburg, pennsylvania, lansing, michigan, and richmond virginia. live coverage on c-span. ♪ >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, january 20 c-span will have live coverage of all of the day's event and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and
1:09 pm or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> now, look at the future of the news media during a top administration from washington journal, this is 40 minutes. we want to welcome david .avern -- david chavern good morning and thanks for coming. story inegin with a new jersey. this is the headline -- fast track and dubious legislation is a high-speed treatment in the new york times reporting on it this morning. governor chris christie has made no secret of the disdain of the news media. what is going on?
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guest: what is happening is public notice requirements. there are a number of things my real estate deals, bankruptcies and various government activities that require a public notice to be published in newspapers, both online and print editions. what happening in new jersey is the governor is not a fan of the press. deciding that we are going to stop this public notice , and making a lot of economic arguments about how newspapers get a windfall from this. there is an economic issue with news organizations, but a much bigger issue is public notice. do we want to notify the public of government activities? i think this is a really bad bill designed to really hurt newspapers, and really the public. they said tomorrow is a big day in new jersey and the
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leadership is struck with a back room deal with governor chris christie. what is the link and all of this? guest: i am not sure i want to get into classifying whatever deal it is that they are working on other than to tell you this bill in new jersey is designed to her the news media and to limit public notice to the public. it is a really bad idea. any time this comes up, people who don't like the news media like to talk about this is just a gift. to the news media it is about notice of -- to the news media. it is about notifying the public of important things. issue is the public statements, public documents published in the newspapers.
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for $70 million plus a year in newspaper revenue. you takern: -- guest: this away, you are taking away the understanding of what is going on in people's these. i am not going to shy away from the fact that it is a way to economically -- newspapers. we forget about public notice. do we want the public to know actions? e government i think we do. on the third page of some local government's websites, there is no way to notify the public. host: do you think this is vengeance by governor christie? guest: i don't know what is going on in his mind, but i do know the way it has been saving a to the public bunch of money for the taxpayers without being any evidence, and there is a long history of animosity between the governor and the press. it makes you wonder about the
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motive. host: let's talk about fake news. how did this come about? guest: there has been fake news forever. what is happening in particular is the way people consume news, particularly online, like facebook feeds, make it very easy for people to both create and disseminate fake news. the way people get fake news stories often looks exactly like the way they get their actual, real news stories. so it has become a growing problem. certainly in this last election, we have had a number of circumstances where you had people overseas, there was coverage on macedonia teenagers creating fake news and then paying for it to be promoted on various tech. forms. and really misinforming the public. we have to understand this is not just another point in history where there are people
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lying. the fact of the matter, there are people lying in creating fake news and get access to distributing never been seen before. piece in thete a "wall street journal." what percent of the american people who see fake news leave it? guest: 75%. understand when you see the fake piece coming through your facebook feed, and books just like the real news, right? it looks just like a regular news piece. there are not any indicators about what is fake and what is not fake. facebook is trying to address that. just this week, the announced some techniques for having folks look for fake news pieces, highlight them, mark them as such, but the reality is it is really hard for people to tell what is real and what is fake. to have youoing
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come in on what newt gingrich said in just a moment. but a lot of them talked about in terms of the coverage of the trump campaign. he spoke about it at heritage. from your vantage point, was the media fair or unfair to donald trump? guest: the meeting was very fair to donald trump. there is a lot of complaints about the media. always a lot of complains about the media, but if you look at the real reporting. look at what the "washington --t did," and what uncovering actual facts about both candidates. there was good reporting this political cycle. in terms of fairness, i am not sure what that means except for the fact that fair or unfair, the guy won, right? so it could not have been that unfair to him. host: newt gingrich had about donald trump and the media campaign coverage, the event we covered as a heritage event last
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week in washington. [video clip] newt gingrich: because you are drawing media coverage, your rallies televised live for free. the breakpoint was the night of the floridathe breakpoint was tf the florida primaries. we know him well enough -- he is selling trump wine, trapped water -- trump water, and doing two things. this was the point where mitt romney was his master and was same ands his mastiff trump was not of a businessman. that is a different story. thing was testing the networks. hillary starts to speak. speak and not to
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a single network covers her. age of thethe quicker, everyone believe because they want to see what else is there. do you have to get a camel? [laughter] mr. trump: your reaction to what newt gingrich said last week? guest: first, it is entertaining and it highlights the fact that trump was an extraordinarily come and different kind of candidate for the press. technologies, 24 hour news cycles, twitter, facebook, and at the same time, we have somebody who came up through the media as a celebrity, right? that was his background in the media, as a celebrity, the presidential candidate. i think he was tough to cover. i think it was hard for the press to make choices. i think president-elect trump is
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extraordinary at using the new media to help get his message out. that the end of the day, back your question, was the media fair to him? i think the media was. in general, they try to best to cover a very new, very difficult kind of presidential election. host: going back to facebook on the issue a fake news. this is a statement from mark zuckerberg saying we have a responsibility to make sure facebook has the greatest positive impact on the world. this update is one of the many steps forward and there will be many more beyond this. facebook is a new kind of platform different from anything before it. i think -- i recognize we have a greater responsibility. while we don't write the new stories, we recognize we are more than just a distributor of news. what about the retreating and reposting of this they can news and the impact that has on people who see it?
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guest: facebook has made the argument that they are just a neutral platform, a marketplace of ideas, and whatever rises to the top, rises to the top. that is not entirely true. they make a lot of choices on what gets boosted up in the feeds. and you certainly don't want them censoring, right? i don't think i want facebook deciding if something shouldn't be shared. but there is a lot of gray areas in terms of both highlighting for people when something is also notuspect, and accepting advertising, not accepting money from people who have fake news in the feed. has started ank approach this week to help address some of that. another thing they can do is a knowledge reputable news organizations, and give things
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that come from those news uplift in theand feed. but i think facebook has made a good start here. host: this next tweet comes from -- we had been hearing from foxics that think news on -- john says, please ask your guest if the benghazi video and the "you can keep your doctor" were fake news? there is a whole range of news that people argue about. you know what inews? hope endorses trump. let's start there. can we start with what is clearly false? and identify it as such, and not give it room to grow on tech platforms? then you get to areas of real debate. we should have real debates about these issues.
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you cannot let these definitional problems -- no, we cannot decide any of these things. you can get tripped up by these gray areas. jan sayingis from the media was more than fair giving him all the free air time he wanted and then some. and another comment -- the left just cannot accept they ran a terrible, liar of a candidate with zero credibility and 40 closets full of skeletons. guest: i don't know how to react to either of those things other than to say i think on balance, when you look back at it, the media is a lot of things -- cable tv, newspapers, all sorts of online sources -- on balance, they got the facts out. whatever candidate you did not like, if you didn't like trump, clinton, everything bad came from the news media. trump's treatment of women. trump in russia.
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clinton benghazi. clinton emails. all of that information came from you through the news media. componentnd economic to fake news, the people creating the stories. what is a financial benefit? guest: they create the story so they can select for tithing around it. they get advertising money. also paid facebook to get a boost in the readership. that is not a big dollar number four facebook. i don't really attribute a lot of economic incentive to facebook for having fake news there. what i do know is that the purveyors of fake news make money, and sometimes a lot of money, through advertising. host: another tweet -- let's stop calling it fake news. it is propaganda, plain and simple. guest: propaganda has a
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political purpose, right? . what you saw some of the circumstances if people creating anything that would get you to click on it, right? they had an economic incentive to get you to click on it. political,are oriented fake news stories, economically-oriented. at the end of the day, all of it is we have to identify the lies asy get out and are exposed real news and expose them as lies. that let's go back to earlier tweet because president obama said if you like your health care plan, your doctor, you can keep it. that turned him not to be the case. that is not fake news because the president said it. you are reporting what he said opposed to the trump endorses donald trump. guest: exactly, the press reported with the president said. the president probably leave it at the time.
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where does intent play into this? being wrong does not make it fake news, right? we can get into this debate about president-elect trump and the tweets he puts out about how active they are or not. factf you are reporting a -- host: he also studied at georgetown university, our guest , david chavern, president and ceo of the news media alliance. great,newspapers are wonderful. they were not big enough to encompass what the industry is. they are all day, digital businesses. they have a whole range of businesses around creating wonderful, original news content. host: this is from another viewer. it is called "click bait."
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you click on the fake news and the originator gets paid every time you do it. guest: exactly. we get back to the issue of propaganda. a lot of it is economic. jim from spartanburg, pennsylvania, welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, how are you? host: great, thank you. caller: i want to go back to newspaper regulation. is for us to understand it because we are not in the industry, but i must say that overregulation is happening in every industry written by executive order or unnamed bureaucrats that we really don't know. and it is interesting to see an industry like yours that typically backs democrats and backs them for office and everything, and now you are getting hit with the regulations. it really goes against what you know is the best thing for your
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industry and for freedom of the press as a whole. and it is ironic. wake up to the party, powell. it is happening everywhere. trump gotrt of why elected. i just wondered what your guest thought about that? i hate to painted with such a broad brush. mr. trump: thank you for the posts: thank you for the call. ever spoke to people in utah other editorial stance? backwards, regulation of business is an issue everywhere. this is not a regulatory job, but are pre-existing, long-standing rule. not only in new jersey, but in all the states that government requires notice to the public and the media about important things like local real estate
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development, like bond issuances. it changes a little bit from state to state, but these are things up public importance, public interests, and there have been legislative requirements post that in the media, and what they want to do in new jersey is a no, no, no -- we'll just put it on a local website and it will be fine. it is a bad idea. joining usis dolores from tennessee, democrat's line. caller: i would like to ask him -- going to both of you. report onke to hear a the indian situation on the pipeline coming through the sacred lands. i believe it is wrong. , i the water up in flint want to hear news like that. lying.e news is people just break it down. another thing, about benghazi.
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why don't they put out there that she asked for help from congress. they denied security. i want to. why don'tcaps on want to hear mt that. i am sick and tired of them saying they let -- sick and tired of them saying she let those people die. we have done studies about what the public really values and news reporting and their is an assumption people make that people just one click bait and a short attention spans. when you asked them what they really value, what they really get out of a newspaper, it is big, investigative reporting, pieces like flint or with the pipeline in north dakota. complex, telling the story of what is going on in ways people don't get otherwise. i agree with you. i think the media needs to do
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more big, complex investigative reporting, not only because it is important for democracy, but it is what people value. host: this is from another value -- i showed my niece the gossip rags, see that, the original click bait. guest: we cannot get too caught up in the idea that fake news is new or that click bait is new. the medium for these things is new. they have been in the anti-fake news for couple of years, but the reality is they can is not delivered to you by your crazy uncle. it is delivered to you in the exact same format as your real news. that can get confusing for people. host: reince priebus quotes a shakeup. he points out a couple of things -- the president-elect is rethinking the daily briefings and changes depending on who the
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new white house secretary will be. and were some of the media are seated inside the briefing room, which was last renovated back in 2005. it is a small room, above the pool used by presidents roosevelt through johnson. richard it officially became the briefing room during the reagan administration as well. some changes potentially down the road. guest: a couple of things for concern. we don't know exactly what yet. mr. primus has announced that there will certainly be changes, but he has not said a that but what. so that is an area for concern. also, we really don't understand why. this system developed over a lot of years for a lot of valid reasons and basically works, so why do they feel a compelling need to change how the briefings are done or where people sit is certainly confusing.


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